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Desengrasantes y Detergentes Industriales

Degreasers and Industrial Cleaners

We manufacture all types of degreasing products for industrial and commercial use. We use the latest technologies in terms surfactants and additives to ensure clean surfaces to save resources such as chemicals, water and energy.

Alkaline Degreasers


These heavy-duty cleaners contain surfactants and high alkalinity additives that facilitate the removal of organic pollutants such as oils and natural or synthetic fats. Its function is mainly carried out by saponification of these products and can be emulsifying or not.
We manufacture a wide range of cleaners, that include:

  • Degreasers for ferrous metals (carbon steel, stainless steel)
  • Degreasers for non-ferrous metals (aluminum, magnesium, zinc, etc.)
  • Solid or Liquid Forms
  • Degreasers - Corrosion Inhibitors in one step
  • Free of Silicates or Phosphate, for reducing scale
  • For low or high temperature operation

Acidic Degreasers

The cleaning power of this type of degreasers depends more of the surfactants used in its formulation. These degreasers are used when it is required to polish the surface, remove any corrosion and prepare surfaces for subsequent operations such as inhibition, phosphating and painting. They are also used as treatments for descaling and cleaning pipes or structures.

Neutral Degreasers

These degreasers are used on delicate surfaces they can be easily damaged by other technologies. Usually the surfaces to be treated must be free of oxides or scale for optimum performance of neutral degreasers.
They can be used on metal, concrete floors, ceramic, etc.

Biodegradable Degreasers

Most degreasers we manufacture are 100% biodegradable according to international standards. Contact us to help you determine which is best suited for application degreaser.

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