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Telefono Productos Quimicos Industriales Ecolkem
Industrial Chemicals Development

Industrial Chemicals Development

By using the latest analytical techniques, we are able to develop and improve products, making them more competitive, cheaper and efficient. An example of problem solving through product development would be reducing imports costs and delivery times.

Chemical Development

Desarrollo de Productos Químicos Industriales

The product development process start by identifying the needs of our client, and it only end when the final results are delivered. The final product will be similar in features and improved to guarantee a better performance than the one currently being used. This alternative, make it possible to significantly reduce the operating costs of your company. Our process consists of:

  1. Identificate the problem
  2. Finding an alternative
  3. Estimating potential benefits
  4. Laboratory work
  5. Pilot tests
  6. Delivering the results

We will support the entire development process. As a customer, you will be able to receive a report with the results and if you wanted to, support to select a reliable local supplier to manufacture the final product.

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