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Telefono Productos Quimicos Industriales Ecolkem
Productos para Artes Graficas

Graphic Arts & Printing Products

We manufacture highly specialized products for the graphic arts industry, such as anilox rolls cleaners, inks removers for photopolymer plates, Blanket Cleaning, etc., low VOC's and non-flammable ingredients.

Flexo cleaners

Productos para Artes Graficas
  • Maintenance of anilox roller

    CLEANILOX is an advanced chrome and ceramic rollers cleaner. It removes ink adhered to the roll surface and the interior of the cells efficiently without damaging them. more...
  • Photopolymer plates maintenance

    FLEXOMATE is a UV and water-base ink remover that will not damage the polymer surface and thoroughly clean it to reduce print defects.

Offset Cleaners

  • Roller cleaner

    ECOSOLVE-E7 is a solvent-base roller cleaner that effectively removes all types of inks. Its formula is balanced to prevent crystallization of the polymer, extending the life of the rollers. It has a high evaporation rate that helps to minimize the cleaning time and increase production time.
  • Plates and Blanket renovator

    PLAX-400 PLAX-400 cleans efficiently the plates without generating corrosion. Its creamy consistency makes it easy to use in both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

General Products

  • Rubber remover

    ECOSOLVE-E5 is a liquid emulsion used to remove glues, adhesives and inks. It replaces thinner with the advantage of not being flammable and having less VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds).
  • Hand Cleaner and Ink Remover

    ECOCREAM-INK is a soft cream designed to remove inks from hands easy and quick (water based, solvent and UV). Special for people in continuous contact with ink.

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