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Pretreatment Chemicals. Iron & Zinc Phosphate

Pretreatment: Iron & Zinc Phosphate

- Our phosphates are used to improve corrosion resistance and amend the appearance of metal surfaces.


Fosfato de Hierro y Zinc

Phosphating or Phosphatizing is the process of transforming the surface of a metal, particularly carbon steel. The process start by displaying a layer of iron phosphate or zinc to improve the adhesive strength of coatings (such as liquid paint or powder), increasing corrosion resistance. This process has been the industry standard for the manufacture of items that should remain with great looks and functionality for years of service. It is used by manufacturers metal products, from electrical transformers to motor vehicles.
Our products can be applied by immersion in containers by using a solution (typically from 3% to 10%), for jetting and also by manual application. The process typically consists of the following steps:

  1. Degreasing - Clean the parts and prepares the surface for Phosphating
  2. Rinse - Remove residues from the previous operation
  3. Phosphate - Generates the phosphate layer
  4. Rinse - Stops the phosphatizing reaction
  5. Seal - Seal the interstices over the phosphatized surface, improving the corrosion protection

Pretreatment with iron phosphate

Also known as parkering. Our products generate a layer of highly adherent phosphate on metal surfaces to increase the life of the product. The iron phosphate pretreatment is easy to apply and control, making it a safe choice. It is also a cheap process that can be run even at low temperatures and produce a small amount of sludge.

Pretreatment with Zinc Phosphate

Our Zinc Phosphate create a dense layer of crystals that adhere strongly to the metal surface, providing a high corrosion resistance. This process is the result of the high nickel salt content on Zinc Phosphate. These products are very versatile and can be used in immersion or spraying lines. It can also be applied to different substrates such as steel, aluminum and zinc.

Phosphates List

NameProduct Description
Phosphate and degreaser in one step Clean&Phos. It can operate at room temperature or with slight warming in cold areas. It drastically reduces operating costs by eliminating the fuel required to heat the solution.
Designed for immersion lines. ECOPHOS-710 contains Nickel in its formulation to increase corrosion resistance. It can be applied on carbon steel, galvanized sheet and other metals.
Designed for manual application. This product contains additives that rapidly degrease and generate a layer of Iron Phosphate on the surfaces of carbon steel. It does not require temperature and generates a phosphate layer in seconds.
Multimetal Phosphate and Degreaser suitable for use in lines that process high quantities of Zinc (galvanized) or Aluminum. Its action on the surface generates an anchoring profile that improves the adhesion of the paint.
Product designed for spray lines. It contains Nickel in its formulation to increase the corrosion resistance of the final finish. Can be used in Coal Steel, Galvanized, Galvalume, etc.
Multimetal Phosphate suitable for use in lines that process high amounts of Zinc (galvanized) or Aluminum. Its action on the surface generates an anchoring profile that improves the adhesion of the paint. Does not contain surfactants.
Deoxidizer and phosphate layer generator as corrosion protection in one step. Easily removes surface oxides from carbon steel parts. For manual application.
Non-chrome seal used as the last step of a phosphatized process to increase corrosion resistance. Easy to use and low concentration of use.
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