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Telefono Productos Quimicos Industriales Ecolkem
Products for Industrial Cleaning and Maintenance

Detergents and Products for Industrial Cleaning and Maintenance

We have available a number of useful products for the areas of service and maintenance in any company. From industrial machinery and floor cleaners to hand degreasers for mechanics.

Industrial Cleaning and Maintenance Department

Productos de Limpieza y Mantenimiento Industrial

General Purpose Degreaser

RED Degreaser is a water-base, industrial-strength degreaser, very effective to remove grease and soils. It may be used neat in difficult jobs for better performance or diluted for ligther jobs. It can be used in machines, tools, flooring, tiles, etc.

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Hand Cleaner

TOP Degreaser is a cleansing lotion for mechanics, technicians and anyone who is in contact with grease and soils. Deep cleans removing all grease residues, coal, lubricants, etc. and leave a pleasant sensation of freshness thanks to its ingredients, which include: Citrus essence, Vitamin E, extracts of Aloe Vera and Jojoba.

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Safety Dielectric Solvent

ECOSOLVE-E5 is a powerful degreasing solvent base that is useful for cleaning electrical panels, motors, and power tools that with energy. Our Solvent Dielectric Security has a dielectric strength of 25,000 volts, tested under ASTM D877 standard, with the added benefit of not being flammable.

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